Phoneinfoga: A phone number OSINT framework

Phoneinfoga: A phone number OSINT framework
Phoneinfoga: A phone number OSINT framework

The main aim of writing this blog is to get you all familiar with Phoneinfoga, its features, its use cases, and its working.

What is Phoneinfoga?

Phoneinfoga is one of the most widely used osint tool for investigating phone numbers. It is the tool that comes first in mind when gathering information about any phone number. It helps you gather the following information about a phone number -

  • Basic information like country, area, carrier, line type
  • Finding if it's a VOIP number or not
  • Checking for its online reputation

Installation -

The process of its installation is as follows -

For Unix systems like Kali Linux -

  • Download the latest release in the current directory using the below command
bash <( curl -sSL )
  • For installing it globally
sudo install ./phoneinfoga /usr/local/bin/phoneinfoga

Now just check if it's installed correctly, by typing phoneinfoga, and the installation is done.

Phoneinfoga screenshot

For Mac OS users -

If you have Homebrew installed on your Mac, just type the below command and it will get installed, otherwise, install Homebrew first and then type the below command.

brew install phoneinfoga

For installation in docker, read the official documentation.

Environment Setup -

As we have now installed the tool, it's time to set up its environment by configuring the scanners and required API keys for using all its features.

Step 1- Go to and create a free account for getting your free API which is enough for normal users. Once you sign up, go to the dashboard, and copy the API access key from the dashboard.

Step 2 - Using Google Search Engine and Google dorking, it give you two options, firstly it will generate links for you to check the phone number on Google search where you need to open all links manually in your browser.
The second option is using Google Scraping to automate the above tasks. But it requires Google Search JSON API which only allows 100 free search queries/day for free. To use it further, you need to purchase queries.

We will show the demonstration of it in our upcoming Youtube video which will be the complete guide to phoneinfoga. Subscribe to our Youtube Channel using the below link.

Step 3 - Configuring the values in the tool. Replace all the values in the below command and parse it in your terminal.


That's it, we are done with the setup, let's understand its usage.

Usage -

For running a scan, you can use any of the following formats for entering the phone number and parse it in your terminal.

phoneinfoga scan -n "+1 (555) 444-1212"
phoneinfoga scan -n "+33 06 79368229"
phoneinfoga scan -n "33679368229"

Note - Just parse any one command from the above three ones as per your convenience.

That's it, it will display all the information as per your environment in the terminal.

That's it for this blog. Thanks for reading this, subscribe to stay tuned about our upcoming blogs.

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